Top 5 US Based SEO Companies

us based seo companies

Search engine optimization plays key role in success of online business. Search engines are the main sources of visitors and potential customers of a product or service. This is why people looking for ways to optimize their websites to get good rank in search engine results pages or SERPs and then gets huge number of clients. Not everyone is expert in SEO and therefore they hire some experts or SEO companies to work on their website seo and to get good rank in Google.

Here we have compiled a list of top 10 US based SEO companies that guarantee the position of your website for a specific keywords or group of key phrases to the first page in Google or Bing. These sites are reviewed and ranked here for a number of features including the Cost, Number of Client, Success Rate, Trust& Authority, SEM and Local SEO and Customer support. So go through the list and pick the one that suits you.


1. WebiMax

Webimax resides on the top of the list of best US based SEO companies because of two reasons, first its own position for the keyword “Best SEO Company in USA”, which means that the team behind the WebiMax has really good SEO tactics and has command over what they do. The other reason to put this website on the top is the number of clients. Webimax has 250+ satisfied local and international clients. This huge number of clients suggests that they really make the site visible in the eyes of search engine.

Webimax SEO firm is in business since 2008. The team providing On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO services, SEM, Local SEO, social media marketing as well as Pay per click management.The cost of the seo and other services provided by Webimax are bit costly but their success rate is more than 90%.

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2. ThinkBIGsites

On number two in our list of SEO companies, Think Big Sites got its place. ThinBigSite serving both local and international clients since 2007 and till to dateit has 300+ clients who are totally satisfied with their SEO services. From many big brands, a few of their satisfied clients,Mrs. Fields, Borders Books, Edwards Jones, Bunn Coffee and The Extreme Group Inc.

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3. Boostability

Boostability really has the ability to boost the SEO ranking of their clients and therefore included in our list. The company offers an array of services which including the Search engine optimization, SEM, Local SEO, Social media management, On-page and off page SEO, link building and toxic link removal and Pay-Per Click campaign management.

Boostability has far more number of clients than any other company in the list. The number surpasses 800 this year and is growing steadily.Decisions,Dexter Law, Alegria Shoes, Artbeats and Fieldstone homes are a few big names out of these 800 clients.

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us based seo companies

4. VJG Interactive

Founded in 2008, this US based SEO company has success rate over 98% and serving 220 active clients currently. VJG Interactive has hire an energetic team of SEO gurus full-time and part-time which strive hard and smart to get their clients sites to number 1 on SERPs. VJG interactive is best for both small business and large enterprises who want to outreach the online community and potential clients.

Based at San Jose, California, VJG Interactive has annual revenue of 10 million. Their services are bit costly but has higher success rate. Clients who got panelized by search engines such as Google can for sure get results with this interactive SEO Company.

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5. 1SEO

Here comes the number 5th Search engine optimization company, the 1SEO. The company is actually included in our list because of its number of satisfied clients and the affordability of services. SEO is for sure a costly and time consuming process. Even after months of efforts and thousands of dollars, one can still not guaranteed the success but 1SEO does. Hiring them for your site will make your business grow online. 1SEO is relatively new and came into existence in 2009. Since then, the site has grown its client list to 200 clients worldwide. Their satisfied clients are both the small and large business and brands. A few names from their list of clients are The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, Belfor USA,Holts Cigar Company, AWMA and Rand Spear the Accident Lawyer.

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So after reading the review about the above mentioned US based SEO companies, it’s up to you to choose the one for your business. Few of them having higher success rate while others are pretty affordable. Few are best for small businesses, other targeting large scale businesses and enterprises. But after all, they all have the same intention and that is to bring you to the first page at least and to the number 1 eventually.

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