5 Most Successful SEO strategies for Startup business

Step 4: Have some authority Backlinks

Now this step is related to off-page SEO and is as much important as the other steps and on-page optimization. This factor boosts the page ranking. However link building should be natural, over linking your website with low quality or spamy-links will have negative impact.

To do it naturally, first of all build a link building plan. Try to start from small i.e. get one or two links every day, or 5 to six links to a newly published post and then gradually increase the number. Keep in mind that quantity doesn’t matters; it is the quality of backlink that works.

Natural way of link building is following

  1. Guest posts on niche relevant blogs. Go find some and request the author of the blog to put your post with link back to you
  2. Answer the questions on Yahoo answer and put a link there to the relevant post on your blog
  3. Answer the questions on Quora and other alike platforms with same strategy as for Yahoo answer.
  4. Be active on relevant forums. These are the best sources of getting links
  5. Submit your blog to directories like Dmoz, Yahoo directory etc.
  6. Comment on the blogs in your niche.

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