5 Most Successful SEO strategies for Startup business

Step 2: Write Quality Content

Once you have high search volume low competition / KD keywords, the next step is tobuilt focused webpages. Remember that in SEO, quality content is the King. Below is the check list of how to build keyword-focused pages / content.


  1. Write catchy title or headline having main keyword in it
  2. Write a short SEO-friendly URL having keyword in it
  3. Write at least 1000+ words article on that topic. 500 words won’t work anymore.
  4. Place the keyword in the first paragraph probably in the first line.
  5. Spread the keyword over rest of the page. Remember, do not over stuff the page with keyword.
  6. Use Keywords in heading, the H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags. Search engine pay attention to these elements
  7. Put keyword in last paragraph, which is the conclusion or summary paragraph of the article
  8. Place a relevant image in the begging or mid of the text
  9. Do not forget to place keyword in alt tag of the image.
  10. Having a relevant video will boost the on-page SEO ranking of the page as well. Rich media
  11. Always try to write interesting and sharable content. This will land you free and trusted backlinks.

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