SEO Web hosting – Best Companies List 2017


Before going to explore best SEO web hosting providers of 2017, it is better to have some idea of how a hosting provider can affect on SEO. Let us reveal here that hosting does play major role in Search engine optimization. If not off-page, web hosting play role in on page optimization.


There are number of ways a hosting company can affect your website SEO. Page speed is one of them. The faster the server response time, the faster your web page will load. And this is most important on-page SEO factor.

Along with the page speed, uptime of website do count when it comes to SEO. The uptime of your hosting server determines this important SEO factor and contributes to make it seo friendly. Now you knew the main reasons that why you should choose SEO web hosting for your website.

Let’s come to the main topic which is “Best SEO Web Hosting 2017”

Best SEO Web Hosting 2017

1. Hostgator Web Hosting

A pioneer in webhosting, Hostgator is at the top of our list because of its speed and SEO friendliness. Their hosting servers remain up 99.9% of the time which means that your site wouldn’t get down with them. They have quite reliable and secure hosting so you do not need to worry about your site security.

Another great thing about Hostgator web hosting is their customer support. They deal on priority bases all their customer whether small business or large enterprises. Hostgator is best for small business, medium scale companies as well as larger firms. Get started with them today and get a nice SEO friendly web hosting for your business website.

As its name suggest, SEOHosting Company merely focuses on the SEO aspect of hosting and hence come up with the better idea. The pages hosted there have fast loading speed as well as improved on-page factors.

SEOHosting is though a bit costly but fair for small and medium businesses. The company can fit well for the needs of large companies by providing them the dedicated servers and IPs. If you are a small or large business owner and want to make your online presence strong, we recommend you to go with



FastWebHost is another great name in the best SEO Web Hosting Companies. The company remains the winner of the best hosting for 2015 and it continues the struggle to become the number 1 in 2017 as well. Mentioned on Telegraph, NYC time, BBC, CNN and NBC, FastWebHost is for sure the fast and secure web hosting provider.


Aspiration Hosting

Here comes the best and affordable web hosting provider. Aspiration hosting is much more affordable than any of the seo hosting providers in the list. This makes the company the perfect match for smaller businesses and websites.

Aspiration Hosting however do not just focused on the SEO aspect, they rather targeted other areas as well. An example of such is the security and uptime of the servers. Your site will be in a safe place with aspiration seo hosting.


InMotion Hosting

Last but not least, the InMotion Hosting. It comes on number 5 but I would like to rate their customer support as number 1. They have the award winning customer supports system facilitating all of their customer with respect and priority bases.

InMotion hosting is best for all sized business websites and it aids in growth and ranking of website by improving many of the on-page seo factors. Along with SEO friendliness, the ease of use is another great thing comes with their hosting. Users can build website in just few clicks. There are dozens of script installed on their servers to quick install WordPress, Joomla or ecommerce.

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