Search Engine Ranking Factors 2017

Search Engine Ranking Factors 2017

Do you know that?Most of the search engines especially Google uses over 200 ranking factors to analyses a website and bring it to the top of the page. These 200+ ranking signals combined to makes the Google search algorithm. Well Google didn’t explore these ranking factors but here we have compiled them after analyzing 1000+  top website, their features and things which make them appears high in SERPs.


So here is the fresh 2017 SEO ranking factors that Google and other search engine uses while sorting the search results. We have combined these 200 signals into 3 broad categories. Use these factors as your SEO checklist to get rank in Search engine results pages.

Domain Factors

Domain Age

Domain age is still considered as a ranking factor in 2017. The older the domain age; the more the trust flow and authority of the domain. So domain age is still what you need in 2017.

Keyword in Domain

Having keyword in domain name or having exact match domain is also considered as a ranking factor in 2017. Although sites with low content and EMDs penalized by search engines.

Domain Length

An SEO friendly domain is one that have character  length less than 15 character and one that do not include hyphen, and numbers.

Country Level domain vs .com

Country Domain like .us, .ca, .cn, .it, .au .pt, .fr is good to rank in specific country but has limited ability to rank worldwide.


Page-Level Factors

Keyword in Title Tag

Having keyword in title tag is the most important SEO signal to be considered in 2017. It is a strong on-page SEO factor. It is more helpful and powerful if the keyword is the first word in the title tag.

Keyword in Description Tag

Along with having keyword in title, keyword in description is another most important on-page SEO factor. It is a relevancy signal that triggers the search engine to give value to a specific page.

Keyword density

Keyword density is an important on the page SEO factors that Google loves in 2017. Google pay specific attention to the keywords and key-phrases in content. The density should not more than 1.5 or 2%. It means that if you have 500 words articles, keyword must appears at least twice or three times in the articles.

Content Length

Google hats thin site with low content. An article seems to appear high in SERPs which has more content or word counts. The typical 500 words articles didn’t fall in this category anymore. Try to write 1000 to 2000 words article and 5000 words guide. Most of the sites on the first page have minimum content length over 1200 words.

Page Loading Speed

Most search engines are now paying attention to the page loading speed and this would be consider as the most important SEO factor in 2017. Pages and sites that attend to load slowly hate by the visitors and therefore by search engine. The average page speed of most of the sit that appears on the first page of Google is 1.5 second.

Duplicate Content

Writing similar content with slight modification will be consider as spamming in 2017 and search engine will de-rank such sites. Always try to write unique content even if once per week.

Images with proper tags

In our analysis, it is appearing that pages that have at least one or two images appear high on SERPs. Proper images tagging like Alt tag, description, caption and even the file name make it SEO friendly.

Fresh Content

Google is and will paying more attention to the fresh content in 2017. Fresh content or updating the existing content will have a boost in on-page SEO in the coming years.Recency of content will be an important SEO factor next year.

Inner and Outbound Links

Linking to the articles on the same site as well as linking to authority site in niche sends trust signals to search engine like Google. Proper internal linking and outbound links will be a key SEO factor in 2017.

Site-Level Factors

Following SEO signals are of prime importance in 2017. Pay special attention to them.

  1. Number of indexed page
  2. Presence of important pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms & Condition page are all make a site legitimate and therefore consider as a SEO ranking factor.
  3. Site Updates: a regular updating site with fresh content appears high in search engine.
  4. Domain Trust / Authority: Domain trust and authority still matters in 2017. Site with good PA DA and TF CF will appears high in SERPs next year.
  5. Sitemap:Presence of sitemap helps search engines indexes your pages more rapidly and easier. It is therefore consider as SEO boosting factor.
  6. SSL Certificate:  Google now pay more attention to the site that has SSL certificate. Sites with HTTPS are outperforming sites with HTTP protocol.
  7. Breadcrumb Navigation: usingcategories breadcrumb navigation make the site user friendly and therefore love by Google.
  8. Mobile friendliness: Google confirmed that mobile friendly sites will have good rank in search engine as compared to non-friendly sites.


Backlink Factors

Backlinks are still a good ranking factors and Google will give value to the backlinks in 2017 as well. But there are certain factors to be keeps in mind while getting backlinks. These factors include the following

  1. Authority of Linking Domain
  2. Age of Linking Domain
  3. Linking domain relevancy
  4. Links from .edu or .gov Domains
  5. Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks
  6. Link location in content

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