How Much Does SEO Cost – A Model Based Approach

SEO Cost

Ever think about why SEO is necessary for your business at any cost? If your business has a website but it didn’t come up to the front, then it is useless. Search Engine Optimization is an important marketing strategy to reach out to your potential customer naturally.


Let’s have an example here. Imagine that you own an insurance agency and have a website to attract potential clients who are looking for “health insurance” or “car insurance” over Google then you must optimize your website for these keywords to get higher rank on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Otherwise you’ll go unnoticed by the visitors which could be your customers. This is what the SEO is for and why it is important.


So it is clear that having site is not the only way to get customer, you must optimized it for search engine as well. Even if you can do it by yourself, SEO will still cost you 4 to 5 figures. SEO is not easy of course and not free at all. Here are the Cost of SEO optimization and the models that are commonly used by agencies or experts to charge for their SEO services.

SEO Payment Models – Cost of SEO

There are four commonly using SEO payments models which most of the services provider stick to. These are

  1. Hourly Fee
  2. Monthly Retainer
  3. Project based pricing
  4. Contract based services at fixed price

Let’s discuss them all one by one

1. Hourly consulting

This is of course the most costly payment model for SEO. It is usually an SEO consultation session where an expert after analyzing your site on-page and off-page SEO, discuss the strength and weaknesses in your website and consult you on how to get ranking. You will have to follow the way / method they taught you to get results. Some experts also do optimization for search engine on hourly basis. Typical cost of per hours SEO services or consultation range between $50 and $300.

 2. Monthly retainer

This is most used and most reliable SEO payment model. Most of the SEO companies in USA using this model of payment. We recommend it for starter business as well as for established enterprise. SEO take month to get desirable results so this method is best to go with. In this model you and the company will sign agreement on the monthly payment in return of services. The average cost of monthly based SEO services can range between $700 to $3000 where some firms charge you as high as $7500.


3. Project-based pricing

This is the only one-time payment model in SEO services. Both parties agreed on a fixed price for the whole project. The payment can be divided in installments as well. The cost of project based website SEO vary with project to project. A small project may cost you $800 while there will be 20,000 fee for a large SEO project on the other hand.

SEO Cost

4. Contract services at fixed prices

In contract services, the SEO services provider and the client signed a contract that has a fixed price. There are some set ROIs or goals accomplishing which would be the responsibility of the company.  The cost of contract SEO services depends upon the nature of job done. For example writing an SEO friendly 1000+ words article on any topic would cost you 15 to 20 dollars at least. SEO audit of your website might be done at ~$50. Building PBN for your site will cost you 100 to 300 dollars and so on. So the cost of this model is depends upon the nature of job or the length of content

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