7 ASO Tips, The App Store Optimization Checklist


Having a website and you’ll have to optimize it for search engine. But having an app, then optimize it for what? This is where App store optimization plays its ole. App store optimization is as necessary as the Search engine optimization.


If your app goes unnoticed or didn’t appears in the top 10 positions over the app store results pages for a given keyword or search term, than you probably need optimization.


App Store optimization is basically a method to ensure that your app will appears high in search results for an app and is comply with the app store ranking criteria. But this is not an easy job. Most of developers make app and leave it there without optimizing it for app store. ASO make your app discoverable in the app store like Play store and iTunes. Here are quick app store optimization tips and checklist for beginners.

So now let’s break down the main App Store Optimization factors that can affect your app ranking positively

01. Choose A Right Name for App

Choose app name that is short yet descriptive and compelling. The name should be appealing both to human as well as the app store search bot. The name must reflect the overall personality of app and its feature.


02. Write a compelling description

After you name it, write a compelling description for it. Instead of writing stories, try to briefly describe your app and its features.


03. Choose right Keywords

App store search bots uses keywords and key phrases as a ranking factor. so choose the best and right keywords and use them in title and description too. Try to choose keywords in natural way that attracts both the consumer and the App store search engine. Avoid using mixture of keywords, this might have negative impact on the ranking instead.



04. Stand out with unique icon

A brand is unnoticeable without logo similarly an app without icon. So pay special attention to this part of App Store Optimization as well because sometime it’s only the icon which attracts visitors and make them download the app. Choose decent colors according to the niche as well as the age group that you are focusing.


05. Encourage users feedback and rating

Positive reviews are most powerful factors when it comes to app ranking in Play store. Whenever searching for a specific, the app with most reviews come forward. So encourage the users of apps to leave a 5 star review and feedback.


06. Update your app frequently

Updating your app frequently and bringing more features and functionality according to the needs can have positive impact on the overall ranking of your app in App stores. The app which update frequently are consider as customer-centric and hence love by the app store search-bots.


07. Promote App outside and bring traffic to it

After you have done with on-app optimization, it is now time to consider the off page optimization of the app. Google play store as well as Apple give importance to the app that receive lots of traffic from outside the app store. Use social media signal by sharing your app among the social media followers on Twitter and Facebook.

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